MUDr. Dana Benčíková

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist

+421 918 804 782,

She completed her medical studies in 2004 at the Medical Faculty, Comenius University in Bratislava, in the field of general medicine. She gained her first experience as a doctor at the Philipp Pinel Psychiatric Hospital in Pezinok, where she worked until 2012. In the different departments of the hospital (Psychosomatic Department, Department for Drug Addiction Treatment, Psychiatric and Gerontopsychiatric Department), she gradually became acquainted with a whole range of mental disorders and in 2010 she received certification in the specialized field of psychiatry.

Since 2016, she has been working in a non-governmental facility – Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic and Psychiatric Day Care Centre Spirare, where she specializes in outpatient psychiatric patients, mainly with anxiety and depressive disorders, and in patients with personality disorders. At the same time, she began to focus more and more on psychotherapeutic work. She managed patients in the psychiatric day care center within daily communities and psychotherapeutic groups, and actively contributed to the practice of relaxation techniques.

In 2020, with a certificate in the field of psychotherapy, she received a complete psychotherapeutic training course in Guided Affective Imagery (“KIP”), which is one of the depth-oriented psychotherapeutic approaches and employs imaginations that come from within every person.

She is a member of the Slovak Society for Guided Affective Imagery (SSKIP), a member of the Slovak Medical Chamber and a holder of a license to practice the medical profession in the field of psychiatry.

She is interested in people with their unique stories. In addition to the techniques of guided affective imagery, she also works with the help of the material symbols and with the principles of dynamically oriented and humanistic psychotherapy. In her psychotherapeutic work, she focuses on finding, restoring and supporting internal resources, on achieving a state free of disease symptoms (anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, relationship problems). So that one who is interested and motivated, with the help of the professional approach of the therapist, can achieve harmony between their inner experience and behavior, and so that they can live a fulfilled life.